Humanoid Robot – She’s Not Your Typical Girl

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Humanoid Robot – She’s Not Your Typical Girl

Humanoid Robot

Howe’s most current expansion to their line of robots is a female robot. The Wow Wee FemiSapien Humanoid Robot is a slowly intelligent moving robot and has the most life-like developments when contrasted with some other robot made by Wow Wee. This female robot has her own personal language that comprises of emotive sounds and it can likewise detect various motions that you make. It reacts to noises, and will really respond to your trace also. It has the exceptional capacity to cooperate with and control different robots made by Wow Wee. info technology hub



Wow Wee declared his toy in January 2008, and scheduled it’s anything but a pre-fall delivery date. It’s anything but a speedy achievement, as there are not very many mechanical toys that can do what this one can do. There are three unmistakable sorts of conduct for this little woman and it can show what she is genuinely prepare to do.


o Attentive: Femisapien will see, hear, meander and dance intelligently

o Learning: You can make a dance routine for the robot that it will play back later


o Responsive: The dance routine is performe

Wow Wee FemiSapien Humanoid Robot-A One-Woman Wonder


Any of these practices can be got to simply by shifting her head. You can utilize her hands very much like you would utilize joysticks. At the point when you contact her hands, you’ll change her developments. Her strength is the capacity to do a dumbfounding 20 intelligent schedules just as a day and a half capacity.


Wow Wee has truly done something extraordinary for themselves this time. With five distinct engines that take into consideration twelve degrees of free development, Wow Wee Fermi Sapiens Humanoid Robot is extremely refined in her strolling developments, just as different motions. She has five unique engines that consider twelve levels of free development. he is controllable by strong, sight or contact and can distinguish music player. She will begin to move on schedule to the beat. You can make a dance routine and she will move her little goods off! She has infrared detects, which empower her to see you from up to 1.2 feet away and she additionally has sound detects that permit her to hear you regardless of whether you are across the room.

AA batteries and Wow Wee FemiSapien Humanoid Robot

Give her six AA batteries and Wow Wee Sapience Human oi Robot is set for the moves. This robot is only a sample of what will come in future years for toy plan. You’ll be flabbergasts at how this robot can collaborate with you and your youngsters. In view of the advance mechanics include, it’s anything but suggest that Sapience be played with outside.


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